Monday, May 14, 2007

Is it legal for TSA to joke about fake IDs?

Very early this morning, I was at the the airport in Raleigh/Durham, heading back to New York. Aside from the fact that I had gotten up obscenely early, I was also kind of cranky because I had waited on the security line for half an hour (who knew it was going to be that crowded at 6am!) and I tend to find the whole airport security situation kind of demoralizing. The longer I stand there, the more irritated I feel. Then they took my yogurt away. Then came this conversation...

TSA guy: Did you take your older sister's ID?

It's safe to say my sense of humor was still deeply asleep at this point, and I could't even understand what he meant by this, much less comprehend that it was a joke. So, my clever comeback...

Me: Uh, what?
TSA guy: Are you going to give your older sister's ID back?
Me: Um, no?

I know I was half asleep and humorless at the time, but even now I can't imagine how to respond to something like that.

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Ceil Silver said...

Um, Rach... he was probably complimenting you. He may have been saying you look younger than your picture. Sounds like a little early morning culture clash.