Monday, May 21, 2007

Blog fixed!

Hooray, it took a while, but the blog seems to have sorted itself out. To be more specific than I was in my previous post - Sprint Picture Mail broke my blog. I tried to email a photo from my Treo directly to the blog. Flickr handles that really well, but Blogger doesn't. So, the post included the whole ridiculous HTML email from Sprint, instead of just the photo with title and description.

Not that big a deal, I guess except that it displayed in an ugly, illegible way, and when I tried to delete the post it wouldn't delete, and things I posted afterwards weren't showing up.

Overnight it seems to have refreshed and all is well again.


Brian Kelly said...


Mojito Atari said...

hi, im trying to set up my sprint picture mail to send photos correctly. were you able to get it working? the email sends in html format with the image deeply embedded. did you get yours to work?

Mirka23 said...

I haven't tried it again since it screwed up my blog. If I get a chance to work it out, I'll post again.