Monday, December 31, 2007

New Livingroom for a New Year

Yesterday I finally got around to two things I've been meaning to do for a while. First I unpacked some boxes of things from my office at my last job. I left that job almost 2 years ago! Clearly I didn't really need anything that was in there, but I was tired of these boxes taking up so much space in my home office. I was amused when I unpacked them and discovered that there was very little that had to do with work - mostly it was comics, toys, and games that had been sent to me because I used to occasionally write about that kind of stuff. I gave a lot of them away at the time, but kept some of my favorites.

The other thing I did was rearrange the furniture in my living room. I had this trunk/coffee table in the middle of the room, but I never used it as a table, it's pretty much just a place for me to pile books on. As a result, it just sat in the middle of the room, taking up a lot of space and making the various seating options seem distant and uninviting. I finally owned up to the reality of the situation and moved the trunk off to the corner of the room (where it can continue to serve it's function as a place to put books). I also moved the chair and loveseat to new locations. The room is much more open now, and I think I'm much more likely to sit in the chairs.

I'll post a photo soon. Still have to sort through some of the clutter that resulted from all the rearranging.