Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Flashback: 90210 Weekly Wrapup

Before TelevisionWithoutPity there was the 90210 Weekly Wrapup. I don't think Daniel Drennan official had anything to do with TWoP (which was actually called Mighty Big TV when it first launched), but they definitely were inspired by him and his brilliant, hilarious, sometimes rambling recaps of Beverly Hills 90210. Here's one of their writers that even acknowledged it.

I watched Bev9 until the bitter end, but sometimes it was painfully bad. For the last few seasons, until the middle of the 9th season (when Drennan stopped doing the Wrapup for a while), reading his commentary was more entertaining than watching the actual show.

If you ever liked the show, I recommend reading some of the wrapups, and check out the Wrapup FAQ. Even that's hilarious! And if you find yourself really enjoying Drennan's writing, check out his book, New York Diaries.

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